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Sub Stone Contracting is a certified Allan Block wall installer. We build outdoor retaining walls to terrace sloping yards, to build up level areas, or simply to reinforce earth works. Our retaining walls are also used for making patio walls, garden walls, outdoor rooms, attractive entryways, stairways, and garden planters of any size.

allan block retaining walls

Retaining wall blocks come in many colors, textures, shapes, and sizes – all inspired by nature to create beautiful outdoor spaces.

Enjoy the beauty and durability of the classic stone look to add a distinguished style to your landscape. Unique colors and textures lend an Old World charm to your home. We can help you to create your own masterpiece. See the product brochures and local suppliers or give us a call to help you decide.

Samples from our portfolio are shown below. Learn more about our landscape walls.

We sub-contract. Please see our Commercial page for more information.

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