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Stairways provide elegant entryways into your property and are useful for navigating sloping landscapes. Around the house, stone steps give your home a luxurious and durable look. We create stairways with flowing curves and graceful transitions using a wide range of stone products.

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Sub Stone Contracting can blend your stair design with new retaining walls or match the ones you have. Like retaining walls and fences, stone stairways can be built with blocks of varied designs, textures, and colors. The design possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Block and stone steps are durable and attractive, long outlasting wood. See the product brochure and local suppliers then give us a call for professional advice.

See below for samples from our portfolio.

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Stairways From Our Portfolio

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See the Allan Block Design Ideas brochure for more design ideas for your stairways or entryways. Courtesy of

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